Title: Этажи / Etazhi

Artist: Молчат Дома / Molchat Doma

Rating: 8/10

Etazhi is the second album by Molchat Doma. originally released in 2018, i didn't learn about it until after it went viral online through platforms like tiktok. after hearing some small snippets of songs from videos, i decided to check it out. relying on guitars, synths, drum machines, and a lofi sound, it replicates sounds from the 70s and 80s. this, along with the cover art and lyrical themes (and, to be honest, the fact that it's in russian) reminds me of the architecture, political movements, and society from the cold war. in my head, this album is the musical companion to brutalist architecture. some of my favorite songs on the album are "Волны/Volny", "Тоска/Toska", and "Клетка/Kletka". my least favorite is "Прогноз/Prognoz", as im not the biggest fan of the melody. overall i highly recommend you check out this album if you havent already.