Title: Body Jumper

Artist: Provoker

Rating: 9/10

Body Jumper is a post-punk/new wave/alt rock/whatever album released by Provoker in 2021. inpsired by horror movies and video games, and making liberal use of synthesizers and drum machines, the album perfectly embodies the 80s horror/mystery sound. i absolutely love the style and themes they went with on this album, and many of the songs on the album have become staples in my playlists. "Rose in a Glass", "Spell Strike", and "Mystery Key" are some of my favorites on the album. however, as much as i love this album, i cant give it a 10. a few songs on the album fall a little flat for me, specifically "Blue Sheen" and "Re-Per". for these, im not a huge fan of the vocal performances or they simply didnt hold my interest. additionally, while i really like the rest of "Bugs & Humans", i have mixed feelings about the spoken word section at the end. overall, an amazing project that i highly recommend everyone take a listen to. im really excited to see whats in store for the future of Provoker.