Title: 10000 gecs

Artist: 100 gecs

Rating: 8/10

10000 gecs is the second album from hyperpop duo 100 gecs. it is an evolution of their sound from their debut, but brings new sounds and style to the table. with this album, 100 gecs experiment more with different sounds, and are maturing their own technique. this album, however, does not take itself too seriously. many songs on the album are goofy and fun. this, unfortunately, weakens the album for me as i generally dont like listening to songs like these too often. the songs are well produced and enjoyable, but many of the songs dont have the replay value that id like. the songs that do, however, are extremely good, if not some of their best work yet. my favorite song on the album, the opener "Dumbest Girl Alive", is now my top gecs song. "Hollywood Baby" brings the pop punk energy to the album, and is also one of my favorites (feels like a modern blink-182 song). most of the songs that dont make the cut for me are either too gimicky, such as "Billy Knows Jamie", or have one specific part that kills it for me. my least favorite songs on the album, "One Million Dollars" and "I Got My Tooth Removed", both suffer from this. "One Million Dollars"'s repeated text-to-speech voices drive me crazy and the vocal inflection on the chorus of "I Got My Tooth Removed" is obnoxious. overall, however, the quality of the songs are incredible and im really glad that they are experimenting with their sound. im very excited for anything they put out in the future.